Call Center Solutions

Personalization requires more than an email address or website. Often building your sales and brand requires a human voice; knowledgeable and ready to answer your customers questions and enter their order. Let our Call Center act as an extension of your Customer Service staff to resolve service issues, improve your customer's experience, and create the customer loyalty we all strive for.

Our exceptional Call Center Agents and supportive management team are dedicated to delivering time-sensitive service to your customers. From telephone and email customer service to product cross-selling and more, let The Field Companies Fulfillment Center Inc. put its experience, knowledge and technology to work for you and your customers.

Our Call Center allows your customers to speak to a trained representative, live and in person. Our operators understand your product line and your industry and are ready to take orders, provide order tracking information and assist with top level customer service inquiries. Trained in fulfillment and e-commerce, our staff allows your customers to get the answers they want without being bounced from 800 number to 800 number and answer tree to answer tree. We act as a single point of contact to allow you to focus on your core business.

Our Call Center Order Entry / Order Taking services can be customized to include the following services:

  • Web & Customized Order Entry
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Order Management & Fulfillment
  • One-Stop Turnkey Packages
  • Timely Reporting and Results
  • Strategies
  • Add-On Sales

At The Field Companies Fulfillment Center Inc, our specialty is creating a unique experience for each of our clients. Because we know that in today's competitive marketplace, the ability to provide top notch customer service can make the difference when it comes to acquiring and keeping a customer acquisition and retention strategy.

Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from all of The Field Companies Fulfillment Center Inc.'s call center solution services!

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Contact Us today to find out how you can benefit from all of The Field Companies Fulfillment Center Inc.'s services.